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Element aims to forge utility and reliability into every moving part of its product line. The unmatched attention to detail and skill is evident - right down to the hand-tooled package. This project is a concept exploration.

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Brand Summary

Element is a brand of multi-tool that strives to be an essential part of every job, craft, or endeavor you may undertake. Fusing high quality parts with simple and reliable functionality allows Element-brand multi-tools to outlast and outperform the rest.

Each tool can screw, saw, grip, slice, open, and cut, and is designed with portability and flexibility in mind. With a tool that brings so much to the table, you have to ask yourself...

Are you in your element?

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Element Brand Mood


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Element Logo Process
Elemeent Pakcage Process


Element Branding
Element Branding
Element Branding



To create a package with permanence - a usable object that could live beyond the initial sale and reinforce the company's brand. With longevity and sustainability in mind, wood was the logical choice for package material.

I hand-crafted the box out of maple and laser-burned the design onto the surface. I also produced a custom vaccu-form mold that the user could easily remove if desired.

Element Package Design Element Package Design Element Package Design Element Package Design