The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

  • Rebranding,
  • App Design,
  • Environmental Design,
  • Sculpture Design
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This project is a conceptual rebranding of The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The following exploration aims to improve the museum's brand presence while maintaining a simple, modern aesthetic.

My Part



The Museum of Contemporary Art has minimal, white exhibit spaces that are ideal for showcasing various work. The modern feel extends throughout the museum, with limited signage or way-finding.

During my visits, I found myself wondering if I had experienced all the exhibits currently on display. I also found myself wanting a bit more information about the artist / work.

MCA Imagery


  • Logo
  • Sculpture
The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Logo
The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Sculpture


The main inspiration for the logo mark comes from the Museum's iconic spiral staircase. One common remark from past visitors is their memory of "that cool staircase." As I developed the mark, I referenced it's form. The final logo takes the shape of an eye while alluding to the staircase and the pond at its base.

I also developed a set of brand standards that would help guide in proper brand implementation.

MCA Branding


1. Street Banners

The lamp posts outside the building would feature branded street banners promoting a current exhibit.

2. Large Promotional Banners

The front of the building has several areas for promotional banners. These banners would promote the the exhibits while subtly representing the MCA brand.

3. Exhibit Branding

Enclosed exhibits would be numbered along with an exhibit title and a short description. This would give visitors more information and improve way-finding.

Vibes Modules
Vibes Modules
Vibes Modules


I developed a sculpture concept that takes its form from the new logo. In the center, an illuminated fountain greets visitors. As visitors reach the upper levels, the sculpture would reveal itself as the logo. The fountain also provides added brand presence when viewed from Google Maps - Satellite View.

MCA Sculpture