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Unlocking The Bible is a Bible-based teaching ministry led by Pastor Colin Smith. The organization needed a more cohesive and usable website with a youthful, contemporary look.

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Initial Concepts


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The Sunday Chef Website: Mobile
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User Experience

1. Simplified Navigation

The previous site navigation was poorly organized. Much of the content required the user to follow a confusing link trail, which made it difficult for users to sift through information. We focused on simplifying the site navigation into more intuitive categories. We also worked to reduce the click count necessary to find popular content.

2. Archive Filtering

A large amount of existing site traffic led to past sermons and broadcasts. We devised a new section called "The Archive" that would store all past data into a two-step filterable database. This new interface would allow users to quickly follow a guided path to their desired content without the fear of getting lost.

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Vibes Modules